This letter is pertaining to the editorial that you wrote on Sept. 12, 2004, "Dirty Politics."

You wanted everyone to write their candidate and demand they quit the dirty politics so I decided to monitor the EO and I was not surprised what I found.

Monday, Sept. 13, two editorials and one cartoon blasting George Bush.Kerry - none.

Tuesday, Sept. 14, one editorial and one cartoon blasting Bush. Kerry - none.

Wednesday, Sept. 15, one editorial blasting Bush. Kerry - none.

Thursday, Sept. 16, one editorial and one cartoon blasting Bush.Kerry - none.

Friday, Sept. 17, Bush - none. Kerry - none.

Saturday, Sept. 18, Republicans bashed in cartoon. Kerry (Democrats) - none.

Sunday, Sept. 19, one editorial and one cartoon bashing Bush.Kerry - none.

I ask you and the people who read the EO, is this not biased reporting?Enough said.

James Burns


Editor's note: By definition there is no "reporting" on the opinion page. Signed columns and letters reflect the opinion of the author, not the newspaper.

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