Way to go, wiener races

That is so cool (Dachshund dash delivers dollars). I wish I could have been there to see it. Maybe we should have another dog race with pugs or another type of small dog. That would be cute.

Kristina Heath


... Not so fast

Leave it to the paper to publish a very small picture from the Relay for Life that recently took place in Pendleton, but a complete article on the wiener dog races. Both were fundraisers for good causes but will any of the funding from the money raised for the Children's Museum go to research for a cure that can save lives?

Will any of it go for equipment or other vital things that will help someone live a little better? No, it won't. Raising money for the Children's museum is a great thing. I contributed money for it myself.

But as a cancer survivor that participated in the Relay for Life, it would have been nice to see our town and newspaper be as proud of that accomplishment as it was of these races last Friday.

Lisa Reynolds


Time is of the essence

Yeah! And in the meanwhile, a sick, harmless, elderly, little old man rots in jail (Scheduling problems persist in murder trial).

I am sure the powers that be will all be satisfied when he goes ahead and passes away while incarcerated. Check his medical history.

James Turk


Thank you, Samantha

Samantha Bates wrote an article on June 2 concerning the crash that killed our son, Vance M. Dunn. I would like to recognize her for the fine article she wrote. It was readily apparent she cared enough to research and report what type of person he was. So I would express my and my wife's thanks to her.

I am sorry it took this long for us to reply to the article, but we have been heavily involved trying to settle the estate and soon we are hopeful be able to return to our home. Thank you Samantha.

Larry W. Dunn


Thorne is quite a lady

So glad that we still have lady pioneers in this day and age that are undaunted by short-minded people (Thorne joins four others citizens on new committee). Jill Thorne will go down in Oregon history and I'm proud of her being in our neighborhood. What a great lady. We wish her well on the Umatilla County Fair Committee.

Carole Brom


Hermiston team should have won

Thank you for the coverage of the Hermiston All-Star games in The Dalles. I attended the game on July 4 (Defending champ Hermiston falls amid controversy). I believe the Little League coaches, scorekeepers and parents in The Dalles are corrupt. The Hermiston team was the winner.

Lori Davis


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