UP controls the fed and the trains

There have been many,many accidents, not only there but across the nation involving remore controlled trains (Federal government limits remote-control trains to flat land, Jan. 18, 2007). The railroads are allowed to write their own rules and because they report their own accidents, most of them are covered up. This has been one of the worst things allowed to happen to safety on the nation's railroads.

You have to remember the vice president was on the Board of Directors for Union Pacific and James Baker also is connected. As it stands today, the UP says jump and the federal government says, "How High?" It's a sad day for the public and railroaders alike.

Sellar Nugent


Mush, EO, mush!

Wow. Your 4-day coverage of the Eagle Cap Sled Dog Race was outstanding. We thoroughly enjoyed following the behind the scenes preparations as well as race day coverage. The pictures really added to the coverage and were some of the best of dogs in action that we have seen. I'm sure Enterprise has a bright future for more events in the future.

I was especially impressed with the care and humane handling of the dogs the articles highlighted. The dogs seemed to be really enjoying themselves. How many of us would look so good after running over the snow most of the night?

Thanks again for a great series of articles.

Dave and Kay Riker


You need to get the whole story

This story has two sides (Alleged fight leads to death of two men, Jan. 20, 2007). Be fair and get the other side's information. Shane Huntsman was my cousin and his side is not being told. He was involved with the extended Beach family relative and she was there so get both sides of this story.

Joanne Smith


Use electrical cords properly

Not enough emphasis has been put on the danger of covering an electrical cord with anything, whether or not it is in a traffic area (Fatal fire highlights electrical safety issues, Jan. 23, 2007). I have collected a great many cord-fire stories (my grandbabies died as the result of such fire), and have discovered overheated cord fires caused by such non-traffic-area items: as piles of soiled clothing in a laundry room; carelessly thrown clothing on top of stereo and computer cords; cardboard and other boxes; and under-the-bed storage items. It's important for people to know that all electric cords need to breathe, in order to dissipate heat.

Jo Anne Swanson


Keep farm lands for farm use

I have no problem looking at ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on foreign oil (Governor unveils green energy plan, Jan. 25, 2007), but I do have a problem with allowing some on-farm biofuel production facilities being built in areas zoned for exclusive farm use. The Governor seems to be leaning towards change in our land use laws with his task force, these comments re-enforce my concerns about stripping EFU zoning.

Linda Ferguson


You guys are sooo liberal

Why is the EO so left-wing (Few cheers, mostly jeers from region, Jan. 24, 2006)? Your front page article after the State of the Union address is basically stating that everyone in E. Oregon disagree's with the President? You base that on some interviews with Democrats? You are a pathetic excuse for a paper. Your paper is not only against the war, you're against our troops and against anything to do with being conservative. You'd rather have another terrorist attack then support conservative values. All you have is a polical left-wing agenda; you have nothing to do with reporting the news.

Doug Patterson


A little recognition would be nice, EO

You know, there has never been any pictures of Casey Davis, the state's No. 2-ranked kid at 103 pounds, wrestling and winning in this paper. I don't think that's fair. Davis went undefeated last year in district, beat the No. 1 seed Zack Moore and still never recieved a picture or an article.

I'm not taking anything away from Hermiston, they did an awesome job. When they step on the mat, they are like family and that's what it takes to build a championship team in any sport. The coaches in Hermiston do a wonderful job from their youth program on up. They are all on the same page.

Todd Davis


You made music to our ears, EO

I wanted to express to you my gratitutde for the incredible coverage you gave the World Music Program at Sandstone Middle School. The article and pictures in the paper were great - very well-written - and the media clip on the Web site was fantastic. The kids were thrilled. Thanks again.

Lorraine Ellis


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