Jeff Drop's departure

Dr. Jeff Drop, president of St. Anthony Hospital, has been like a son to me these past 13 years. I'll never forget the way this young whippersnapper came to town with his beautiful family and won over everyone's heart. I'll always remember the crazy times in the hospital cafeteria. Hail and farewell.

Dave Kuruc


? ? ?

Dr. Jeff Drop, what would be the best prescription drug plan for Medicare B? I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome and an enlarged prostate. I also have a pain in my right knee that sometimes moves to my calf area if I stand up too fast. I also cannot eat spicy foods. Is it possible to get some Crestor and Lasix samples from the hospital?

Joe Moore


? ? ?

What a loss for the Pendleton community. The Drop family has loved and cared for this community for many years, and is sad to leave such loving and caring people.

Leanna Drop


? ? ?

Dr. Jeff Drop was helpful in the operating room. He helped in the delivery of two of my children: One was a cesarean section. Keep up the good work and surgical skills.

Steve Springer


Ryan Bowe's death

I heard today about the passing away of Ryan Bowe, Umatilla County deputy district attorney. I am so shocked. Ryan was an awesome young man. My heart goes out to his family, including his young wife. Each of us needs to remember that each day is precious. Hug your loved one tonight.

Elaine Lyle


Ryan Bowe was a good friend and would give you the shirt off his back. We were fraternity brothers and he will be missed.

John Wall


Harry Potter release

With the Harry Potter sales starting at midnight, it will be interesting to see how many minors in Pendleton were ticketed for being out past the city's curfew. Or maybe the law only applies when the police feel like enforcing it. This letter is written with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but it does show the insanity of the law.

Steve Russell


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