Students honor veterans

Echo students took to the streets during a veterans celebration parade on Thursday, marching down Main Street and back to the school for a special assembly honoring local veterans.

A tip of the hat to our brave men and women of the Armed Forces — past, present and future — who deserve our praise, our awareness and our thanks.

Every year about this time the accolades spill out to our veterans in recognition of their sacrifice.

That is how it should be. Yet, we should not simply husband our acclaim for our veterans on a single day in November.

While Veterans Day is a proper time to remember those who have sacrificed so much for our nation, we should remember the cost and bravery of our veterans every day throughout the year.

As a nation, America has, for more than 200 years, been fortunate to produce fine young men and women who believe giving back to their country is not only a requirement of democracy but an honor.

Remember our vets on Monday, but also try to remember them every day of the year.

A tip of the hat to the youth of Echo, who on Thursday hit the streets to remember and celebrate the veterans in their community during its annual parade. Students from kindergarten to 12th grade adopted a military branch and celebrated their sacrifice at the event. The parade is a good way to remember our veterans, but the example set by the students in this tiny town should warm the hearts of all.

A tip of the hat to our local agriculture industry. Morrow and Umatilla counties were ranked in 2017 as two of the top agriculture counties in Oregon, with a No. 1 and No. 2 rank in grain crops, vegetables and cattle.

That says what most of us already know — the agriculture industry is one of our biggest economic engines.

What it should also illustrate is that we must continue to support our local agriculture producers as much as possible.

A tip of the hat to the voters in Milton-Freewater who voted Tuesday on two separate measures to boost local emergency services. Voters there agreed to dissolve the Milton-Freewater Ambulance Service Area Health District and to form a new Milton-Freewater Valley Ambulance District.

Forming the new district will cost taxpayers a little more, but the ultimate goal to improve medical infrastructure in the area is a good one. The voters there made the right choice. Funding emergency services — whether fire or ambulance or police — is never cheap but it is essential.

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