Election Night

Supporters of the Hermiston School District Bond react to learning of the passing of the bond during an election party at The Gathering Place in Hermiston on election night.

Hermiston School District patrons received a fair bit of good news Wednesday morning.

District patrons approved an $82.7 million school bond by a narrow margin, and the significance of it is huge.

The 25-year bond will help finance a new elementary school and another new student facility. The money will also fund an annex to boost capacity at the high school.

Readers may remember the district attempted to float a $104 million bond in 2017, a campaign that ultimately failed.

Voter feedback then was clear — it just wasn’t time for an investment.

Now, though, the same voter input shows the time is right. That’s good news for the district, for its patrons and for its students.

Investing in education should be a top community priority.

Just like financing police and fire services, education is a crucial element to the overall and future health of any community.

Let’s face it, we’d all rather not pay more taxes. Most of us struggle daily to make ends meet financially. Yet, just like with police and fire services, there always comes a time when an investment must be made and Hermiston School District voters showed that time was Tuesday.

Education spending is never a bad idea. It is an investment in students, young people, which means it is financing future success. Sometimes such nebulous goals can be hard to quantify. How do you know, after all, if any funds spent on students will pay off in the future? The fact is, though, that financing education pays off in a variety of different ways. We want our young people to be properly prepared to go out into the world, and the only way to do that is to ensure they have the facilities and the tools to grasp life’s opportunities.

The patrons of the Hermiston School District that voted for the bond delivered a huge tip of the hat. They voted with their hearts and made a choice to help our students succeed in the future.

In the end, a financial outlay to help students build a stable and successful foundation is a noble undertaking. While we can’t predict if a student will ultimately succeed, we can furnish all the necessary items for each of them to triumph in life.

Which is a pretty big deal.

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