Pendleton Graduation

Pendleton graduate Kodi Crawford keeps cool with a hand fan while waiting for the beginning of a graduation ceremony June 1 at the Pendleton Round-Up Grounds.

They rarely get the type of attention and praise they deserve but a big tip of the hat to the teachers, parents, guidance counselors and administrators for all the help they provided students of the Class of 2019 to reach graduation.

For every student who ambles across the stage at graduation there is usually someone — parents and teachers — who stood behind them and proved to be a key asset to their success.

Selfless devotion to seeing students succeed isn’t lauded enough in our society. We should all remember that our school officials have a tough, often thankless job of educating our young people and setting them up for success in the future.

They deserve a tip of the hat.

A kick in the pants to those who end their graduation celebration by drinking and driving. Celebrating graduation is a tradition across the nation but everyone should remember to hail the major milestone safely.

Celebrating through excessive drinking and then climbing behind the wheel is foolish and carries the potential of hurting a wide swath of friends and family. We want everyone with young graduates to celebrate, but do so in a safe way.

A kick in the pants to the Oregon Department of Human Services, which boasts it is the state’s primary agency for helping Oregonians achieve “well-being and independence.”

Lately, though, the agency has been mired in controversy over its failure to serve our state’s foster children. That shouldn’t be the case. The agency gobbles up millions in taxpayer dollars every year yet can’t seem to get basic care of children right. The issue isn’t a new one, either. We can do better. And we should.

A tip of the hat to Umatilla County, Hermiston School District and Good Shepherd Medical Center for ensuring local high schools continue to furnish an onsite medical clinic.

The service is more than just a convenient resource — it’s an essential piece of the broader educational blueprint for our children. The three entities didn’t have to continue the service but chose to do so. That action should be lauded.

A tip of the hat for the D-Day celebrations across the nation and in Europe. The men who fought and died at places like Utah and Omaha beaches some 75 years ago are fading into the background of history, but this week dignitaries from a number of different nations converged at Normandy to mark the day when the liberation of Europe began.

We owe the men who came ashore on D-Day a debt that can never be repaid.

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