Debbie Pedro

Debbie Pedro speaks after being named the Woman of the Year during the Hermiston Distinguished Citizens Awards Banquet in 2016 in Hermiston.

A tip of the hat to Debbie Pedro who has served Hermiston well as the chamber of commerce director for the past decade. She’s on to her next adventure and we wish her the best of luck.

Pedro has been not only a champion of the business community but also a proponent of all things Hermiston since her arrival in 2001. Her passion for the city and energy on the job won’t be easy to replicate.

Hermiston has been in many ways a chamber director’s dream, with new business clamoring to find a place to set up shop and take advantage of the expanding population. Pedro has made the most of the moment, growing the chamber’s enrollment and bolstering Hermiston’s reputation across Oregon through her chairmanship of the state chamber board.

To top it all off she’s been an excellent ambassador for the city, quick with a smile and a welcoming attitude.

The good news for Hermiston is, she’s not going far. We’re glad that someone with such a deep base of knowledge about the Eastern Oregon economy will help direct the Columbia Development Authority as it brings in new industry and jobs to the former Umatilla Army Depot.

A tip of hat to all of you who have made resolutions to make 2019 better than 2018.

We know, it’s only a small step. But it’s a first step, and without it the journey would never begin.

Whether you’re planning a healthier year for yourself, a happier year for your family or a more productive year in your community, we’re rooting for you.

Through the month of January we’ll look at some of the ways people resolve to be better, how they succeed and where they fail. It starts today with one of the most common resolutions — and easiest to skip out on: the workout regimen.

Some may consider January 1 an arbitrary marker on the calendar, but we say any day you decide to improve things is significant.

Go for it.

A tip of the hat to the city of Hermiston for hosting a family-friendly community New Year’s Eve celebration.

The event wasn’t perfect — temperatures in the low 20s gave The Shades trouble keeping their guitars tuned and prevented a giant papier-mâché watermelon from exploding into a shower of confetti. But by midnight the fledgling event had drawn a few hundred people downtown, where they enjoyed a quality band and an impressive fireworks show.

Not bad for a first try.

We will look forward to ringing in 2020 with a giant exploding watermelon.

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