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House Bill 2444, relating to agricultural education, flew through the Senate on June 30 by a 27-0 vote. The bill appropriates $1.43 million to the Oregon Department of Education for FFA to provide financing for enrollment, leadership development and the coordination of 24 state-level competitions.

Legislative success can often be hard to come by the, but a tip of the hat to Oregon lawmakers for approving a bill that funnels more than $1 million to the education department for FFA programs.

The legislation, House Bill 2444, secured a 27-0 vote in the Senate last week and it will furnish $1.43 million to help fuel enrollment, leadership development and coordinate statewide competitions.

Most notably the funds will eliminate fees to join at FFA program, often an obstacle for some who can’t afford, but want to join, a local FFA program.

There are almost 7,000 students already enrolled in the Oregon FFA. JD Cant, co-chair for Advocacy with the Oregon Agriculture Teacher’s Association, said the funding could help as many as 5,000 additional students, who already take agriculture classes, become enrolled in the intracurricular program.

This time lawmakers made the right decision and should be lauded for pushing through this important legislation. FFA programs provide a much-needed — and in some places — and necessary addition to regular school curriculum.

A kick in the pants to Gov. Kate Brown for threatening to use her powers as the state’s chief executive to revive the failed state climate bill. The controversy of the bill sent Republican lawmakers fleeing the capital last month and sparked a series of protests in Salem. The governor needs to stop the threats and let the climate bill die.

A tip of the hat to all of those who helped support Pendleton’s Fourth of July Parade. The downtown corridor was covered with red, white and blue and the parade was a triumph. While all the volunteers that helped make the parade possible deserve praise, the local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 922 spearheaded the event. The big thank you goes out to the VFW post.

A kick in the pants to Lexington elected city leaders for being unable to pass a budget before the end of the fiscal year, which forced the town’s government to close. The city council was scheduled to pass its 2019-20 budget last week but only one city councilor showed up. A meeting will occur Tuesday at the Lexington City Hall where the issue will be discussed.

The city’s elected and appointed leadership can surely do better than this. They need to pass a budget and then get on with other important business.

A tip of the hat to the Pendleton City Council for its idea to seek input from residents about the best way to raise money for city road renovations. The council plans to hold public meetings and other presentations to gather feedback. The idea is a good one. Elected leaders can’t go wrong if they actively seek out information and input from voters.

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