Cemetery Cleanup

Kyra Jackson, left, and Kyndra Nelson are silhouetted as they rake leaves during a pre-Veterans Day cemetery cleanup on Saturday morning at Olney Cemetery in Pendleton.

A big shout-out of praise to the volunteers who arrived at Olney Cemetery last weekend to spruce it up before Veterans Day.

Students and adults spent time at the cemetery doing a great community service and they did it because it was the right thing to do, not for money or praise.

But praise should be lavished on all who showed up to help out.

The event was one of those rare, feel-good happenings that not only sends the right kind of message about our residents and our youth but make Pendleton a better place to live and work.

One of the best things about the volunteer effort was that a good share of the people there helping out were students from Sunridge Middle School and Pendleton High School.

We like to highlight on this page and this space, as much as possible, how important it is to volunteer to help out the community.

We understand taking time out of a busy schedule is difficult. Jobs, families, our own personal goals and dreams all compete for our time and effort. So that makes blocking out a significant amount of time on a weekend to give back extremely difficult.

Yet there are very few actions a voter can take that deliver the kind of noble satisfaction giving back to the community bestows. We all want our communities to be the best they can be. We all want to be able to look over our town and feel a sense of pride and satisfaction at how it looks.

The one way we can make sure that the good work — like helping spruce up the cemetery before the onset of Veterans Day — is completed is through volunteerism. We could shrug our shoulders and say “It is the city or the county’s problem,” but that is a cop-out. Yes, we pay taxes to make sure essential work is done but at some point, we all have to get involved.

The best part about volunteering is it allows all of us, at one time or another, to make a difference. If you want to see your town look better, or want to voice your opinion about an ordinance or a law that was passed, the answer is really very simple: Get involved.

Kudos to the volunteers who helped out last weekend at the cemetery, and we see their effort as a good example to follow.

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