Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty

The difference between the two subjects of your editorials, Pope Francis and Phil Robertson, are truly eye-opening. One refuses to judge, the other not so much.

— eoreader

I?cannot believe that the media has given this issue so much attention, yet no one is talking about the NDAA?being passed.

— Dorian Rivera

Ask a stupid, ignorant, redneck a question: get a stupid, ignorant, redneck answer. Anyone really expect enlightened brilliance?

— Tom

Responsibility of guns

I surely do not want to see us lose our right to bear arms, to hunt or to protect our families. But I know people who have the “military style” .223 rifles with multiple 30 round clips, and several 100 round drums for ammo. Why does anyone need that kind of firepower?

— Oldman48

Megaload protesters

How about these hard working men and women come to your job because they don't agree with it and protest? Let them do their jobs.

— Jenni Perkins

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