I'm disappointed with recent East Oregonian news coverage of the Republican Convention. On the front page of the Monday, Aug. 30 edition, the sub-caption on the convention coverage article says "Convention starts with sharper attacks on Kerry."

Yet, when I read the article, I could not see any reference to any attacks on Kerry. I'm sure the Republicans did criticize Kerry. I would be more surprised if they didn't, however, the article doesn't support that an attack was made.

Also, the article hardly touches on the content of the convention when it quickly switches to promoting Democratic positions in the third and fourth paragraphs. Then on page 8A another headline reads "Republicans sharpen attacks on Kerry."

Yet again, when I read the article, I do not see any "sharp attacks" reported. What is going on here. Is the East Oregonian trying to create a reality in the news with sloppy reporting? Make a headline that grabs the attention of the reader and makes the reader believe something is happening even though the body of the article does not support the headline?

Publisher Dave Balcom mentioned to the Leadership Hermiston Class VII that you should not perceive a bias when you read the East Oregonian. I agree.

As a step in that direction, I would like to see newspaper headlines that convey the sense of the information contained in the article. I would like to see articles that convey the sense of what actually happened at the event that is covered in logical fashion that informs the reader with facts and opinions and then lets the reader come to their own conclusions.

Please make your future political coverage headlines accurate, and the content fair and balanced.

Tony George


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