I would like to express my concern with Horizon Air as the only airline serving Pendleton.

As I understand it, Horizon Air might be out of business here in Pendleton for much longer. This is no surprise to me, and others who travel frequently.

I have never had a negative experience with Alaska/Horizon airlines, nor have I used their services as much as I'd like to (as I've never flown out of Pendleton due to the high-altitude prices).

There have been many instances where it would have been much more convenient to do so. For example, when the Pendleton High School A Cappella choir traveled to Disneyland last spring, we looked in to the possibility of flying out of Pendleton to spare hauling 60 singers and 10 plus chaperones to Portland.

It cost just about the same to fly round trip on Alaska airlines to Portland as it did from Portland to Los Angeles.

There have been several other occasions where I have needed to fly to Boise, Portland, Sacramento etc. to catch connecting flights, but was unable to because of prices.

I know that if you, indeed, do fly out of Pendleton, and your final destination was Boise, you have to fly to Pasco, Portland and finally Boise, which could be considered a hassle for some.

Personally it wouldn't bother me. I hope another competitor flies in, to land some more affordable prices so that more of us may enjoy actually using our airport.

Ryan Wilkins


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