Normally, I wouldn't comment about a local election in Pendleton. However, electing a mayor is very important for any city, and I have a unique perspective on mayoral candidate and current City Councilman Phillip Houk.

As the current mayor of Beaverton, I've known Phillip for several years because we have served on the board of directors for the League of Oregon Cities. He is the current president. I served in the same position last year and he served as my vice president. He has represented the city of Pendleton and Eastern Oregon in a very passionate and successful way - effectively assuring the proper political and decision-making balance for all parts of the state. He has been professional, responsible and effective.

Consistency in local government and knowledge of how it functions is extremely important. Phillip Houk has served on the City Council since 1994, Budget Committee since 1987 and the Blue Mountain Community College Board since 1984. He has dedicated his time and commitment to the overall betterment of Pendleton and the entire Eastern Oregon community.

My family has farmed continually in Heppner for nearly 100 years, so I have more than a passing interest in the well-being of the eastern part of the state and it being well represented in the affairs of Oregon. Phillip is well known and respected by the governor and other leaders throughout Oregon - which serves Pendleton and its citizens very well.

Phillip Houk is an excellent leader, possesses the highest of personal and professional integrity and is passionate for Pendleton. You would be well served by electing him mayor.

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