Bill Jones, the trial court administrator for the 6th Judicial District, is a candidate for 6th Judicial District Circuit Court Judge. Bill served his country as an Army Air Defense Artillery Officer and a judge advocate for more than 22 years. Bill was under my direct supervision during part of his time as a judge advocate. I also know of Bill's contributions to the Army when he did not work directly for me.

Bill was an excellent lawyer and Army officer. As a department chair and dean of the Army's Law School in Charlottesville, Va., I selected Bill to serve on the faculty of the school. Such assignments in the Army are highly sought after and selection is a mark of distinction. Bill was highly regarded as a law teacher and his work showed exceptional legal scholarship and ability. He subsequently worked for me at the headquarters for the U.S. Army Europe during the time that the Berlin Wall came down.

The legal issues facing the Army were difficult and required innovative legal thinking and talents. Bill's guidance and advice to the commanding general and me were instrumental in forging the Army's legal relationship to a unified Germany. Bill was recognized by his fellow judge advocates as an excellent lawyer.

Most voters in Umatilla and Morrow counties know a little of what judge advocates do in the military from movies and television shows. While the movies and television may glamorize the legal work of judge advocates, it is a very demanding and fast paced practice of law that demands exceptional legal knowledge, the ability to reach and make difficult decisions and integrity. These are the same traits needed as a Circuit Court judge. Bill displayed these talents while serving on active duty.

Bill Jones has a superb reputation as a lawyer for the Army. The qualities he displayed while in active service are the same qualities needed as a Circuit Court judge. Bill Jones will be an asset to the citizens of Umatilla and Morrow counties as a Circuit Court judge.

Col. Thomas M. Crean

U.S. Army (retired)

Judge Advocates Generals Corps

Springfield, Va.

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