In other animal news, the fish Macropinna microstoma - or barreleye or spookfish - made some headlines this week. The deep-sea fish has a couple of unique features: a transparent shield on its head and tubular eyes.

Scientists first described the barreleye in 1939, but new research (yes, there are folks who researched this fish) shows the eyes can rotate behind the transparent shield. That's a nifty feat for a deep see creature because it allows the fish to look directly up while using its large fins to stay very still. Animals that can look up from the depths in the ocean can more easily see prey swimming against the back drop of the lighter-colored water.

Use a phrase such as "see-through fish head" in an Internet search and you'll find Macropinna microstoma. There's no important lesson here or such, just a bit of the wonderment of nature.

- Phil Wright

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