I add a few of my perplexes about the double-minded Democratic National Convention.

Item 1: Sen. John Kerry's comrade-in-hair, Sen. John Edwards, is a liberal who, like Mr. K., has missed most of the senate votes this year, yet, both are collecting their salaries (only in Congress, eh?).

They have voted for taxes and voted to cut funds to the intelligence departments and active troops and now criticize the efficiency of these. They state that they will make health care more affordable. Apparently Edwards doesn't know, even as he counts his millions, that his lawyerese helped cause the health-care premiums and treatment cost to increase and increase, then increase again.

So I now ask, "Did you notice that the Democratic Convention didn't tout Kerry's 20 years in Congress? His 80 percent absence (38 out of 48 times) from intelligence committee meetings in the past 20 months makes me wonder how he is so well informed on the subject of intelligence.

Item 2. They say Kerry is better qualified for dealing with the global community. Well he does speak French and Hip Hop.

Item 3. Listen to the stories of his old swift boat crew members who spent that four months and two days with John-the-commander during his Vietnam combat tour. They speak of his lack of courage under fire, how he earned his three purple hearts that provided a quick trip back stateside. A few tune-ins to radio talk shows, when the host interviews some of these old swift-boaters, will provide a few "whoas" and "wows".

Please don't determine your votes by saying, "I vote for the party," which means you may not know their name. For the sake of the United States, at least find out what is under the hair they are so proud of. They are not real Democrats (I was one once), just political fanatics who want to change America and the world so that any thought, word, or behavior is acceptable.

May God continue to bless America.



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