`The 2007 Legislature adjourned June 28, closing the door on one of the most successful and productive sessions in 30 years.

While this door closed, new doors of opportunity are opening for Oregonians across the state as a result of the policies enacted by this Legislature over the last six months.

We started this session with the resources to do more, the opportunity to do better and the responsibility to do our best, and an ambitious agenda to restore economic stability and prosperity for the citizens of Oregon.

After years of gridlock and budget challenges, the 2007 Legislative Assembly seized this opportunity and put Oregon back on a sound fiscal path, saving for the next economic downturn, while making key investments in education at every level, rebuilding the state police, transforming mental health care and positioning Oregon as a leader in alternative and renewable energy.

This Legislature also made landmark gains in sustainability, consumer protections and equal rights, making Oregon a more open and tolerant state that values the talent and contributions of all of our citizens.

Oregonians should be proud of the progress made by their elected representatives this session. But our work is not done. The successes we are celebrating mark just the beginning. We owe it to the citizens of Oregon to continue pushing policies that help our working families and improve the lives of all of our citizens.

I will continue to hold myself accountable to this promise and look forward to partnering with Oregonians across the state to continue the progress we've started so we can leave Oregon a better place for future generations to live, learn, grow and work.

Thank you for your contributions to Oregon and for making it the state that we are all proud again to call home.

Gov. Ted Kulongoski


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