I welcome refugees with open arms. This is what America is all about. Refugees coming to America looking for a new, safe life. They are willing to be documented, work and willing to learn our lanuage and way of life. Our city governments need to accomodate legal immigrants better than they accommodate illegal emigrants. I am sorry to hear of the death in the car accident, but it also happens to drivers of other nationalities, not excluding our very old senior citizens that are a hazard to themselves and other and not excluding drunk drivers. It just seems that if you are "illegal" you deserve more rights that if you are a registered emigrant. Go figure. But then, what part of "illegal" does the government not understand.

Anyway, there is an toll-free number that the hospital and city can use to dial in any foreign language translation eeded. The number is 800-752-6096 and is called "Language Line Services." I noticed this 800 number when I was Kadlec Hospital in the Tri-cities recenlty. I brought it up on the internet and learned a lot. If we give our attention to one nationality then we need to give attention to any nationality. Otherwise our government is getting very seriously close to discrimination lawsuits. We cannot cater to one set of people and not to others.

Again, welcome. If I can be of any help please get in touch with this newspaper for how to contact me.

Bernie Sanderson


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