I am not a part of any political party, and like to think for myself. I agree with letter writer Jerry Cronin that there were bad things in the eight years we had President Bush. Some of the statistics could have a different spin put on them or played toward the party lines that fit their interest.

One could say that instead of comparing our education system to South Korea, we instead compare it to that of a Third World country and voila, all of a sudden it doesn't look that bad. To generalize that the USDA did not check meat, causing many to be sick is far-fetched. If they did not check meat, then how did we know it was bad?

We watched the Bush regime tank the deficit, with the two wars going on. Do I think the years were favorable under Bush regarding the economy? No. But now let us look at Obama. He has not even concluded a year's term, and he has added to the deficit in great margin as to what Bush has. We had the great esteemed "bailout." Who exactly did this help? I am sure that the executives at the big firms appreciate the millions of dollars in bonuses they got, for heading a failing operation. Where was the oversight from the President on that issue? This is not due to party lines, this is due to incompetence. I don't care if they are Republican or Democrat, they shouldn't be throwing away our money - our taxpayers' money.

The same can be said for the health care bill. Obama is trying to do too much too soon. He is losing support rather steadily, and if the health care reform package does not pass, I would say the future for him as President will look as bleak as Bush's, just in shorter time.

Now, Jerry, picture this: With your insight to numbers and the stealthy way you break down and list facts, and my knowledge of common sense issues, I say we run in 2012. You - President, me - Vice President. I think at this point with the track record of the past eight years, and the future of at least the next four, some good ol' country boys can't go wrong in leading our country back to the promised land.

Chris Thornton

Pilot Rock

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