When will the city fathers in Pendleton wake up about their "No Growth" policy? I thought that they had learned their lesson when they couldn't get much grant money to build the water treatment plant, but they didn't. Now they see the full effects of their "No Growth" policy.

If we would have been growing at a steady rate over the past 20 years, we would have been at 50,000 or more where we could have gotten grant money to do both the water treatment plant and the sewage treatment plant; but because we are in the 10,000 to 49,999 category, we are stuck to pay for it our selves, and that sucks. Because of somebody's short-sighted ideas water rates skyrocketed, and now sewer rates are skyrocketing.

Isn't it time to stop the "No Growth" policy and get some economic growth so that people will also come? Isn't it time to get people on the city council and in City Hall that want growth and will work at getting that job done? Business license fees are outrageous because somebody had the bright idea that if we raised the business license fee we could afford an economic development person. With the current "No Growth" policy in effect, what good is an economic development person? None!

I would think that it would be prudent to get a new city council in place and have those people instruct the city manager, city planner and others that they are to develop a plan for economic growth within 60 days of receiving the ultimatum. All sectors of society in Pendleton should be contacted before the policy is developed and an emphasis must be put on family wage jobs and the revitalization of the downtown business community.

It is wonderful to hear that several property owners are utilizing urban renewal funds to spruce up their buildings, but after the buildings get a facelift those business owners must not get greedy and up the rent. I for one am willing to work on getting more money coming into this community and am confident that it wouldn't be hard to find others who are willing to work at making Pendleton thrive.

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