We, the people of Oregon, have been blindsided by our governor, our legislators and our county governments. I have a lot of experience in land use planning, sitting on the planning commissions of Milton-Freewater and Umatilla County while both wrote their comprehensive plans and development ordinances.

The reason for land use planning is to protect all landowners against instances that can be bad for some and good for others. When something comes along that changes the state land use laws and all the counties' land use laws and the people are not even informed of the change that is wrong.

We depend upon the elected and appointed officials to watch for these and raise a red flag so that it can be discussed and looked at how it will effect the people they represent.

We are presently putting up wind towers all over the U.S. - they are now in 34 states. If you go on the Internet and study what has happened, you will find that many people are getting the short stick. They are having health problems, their viewscape is ruined and their property values are falling.

I feel that when the county commissioners hold their meeting on the wind towers, they should put all erection of wind towers in this county on hold and inform the state to do the same until there can be a complete look at the impacts these towers are having on the citizens of this county and state, as well as the impact they have on the land, water, fish, wildlife and birds.

It is the moral duty that the county commissioners do this.

James Burns


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