Bringing criminals to justice involves more than simply chasing and apprehending "bad guys." In fact, that is only the beginning. Holding offenders accountable in a court of law requires legally sound investigations by law enforcement working in close cooperation with the District Attorney's office. During my tenure as a Morrow County prosecutor, I've had the unique opportunity to work with both candidates for Morrow County Sheriff, and I can tell you without a doubt, that from a prosecution perspective, Larry Sample is your man.

While each candidate boasts a large number of years of experience, Larry Sample's experience culminates in the kind of leadership skills and high-quality police work that help to ensure successful prosecutions. At least as valuable as the ability to perform the job functions, is Larry's character. Credibility is everything in the law enforcement community. We can confidently place our trust in what Larry says. Because Larry operates with a high degree of professionalism, I've never had to be concerned that the priority he gives a matter, or the way he handles a case, may be influenced by personal associations or agendas. We can rely on Larry to use his position to treat everyone fairly, instead of acting as though some are more equal than others. Phil Morris, Larry's choice for Undersheriff, shares the same quality characteristics and solid values that Larry exemplifies. We can be assured that Larry and Phil will protect and serve all of Morrow County.

Many politicians are skilled orators that specialize in delivering flowery speeches. We should base our choice for sheriff not on who can talk the talk, but rather the individual with a proven track record who has the personal and professional integrity to do the job fairly and effectively. Please join me in voting for the candidate with a demonstrated ability to partner with prosecution for the common good. Please vote for Larry Sample.

Elizabeth Ballard

Morrow County District Attorney


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