I am writing this letter in support of the gas tax the city is proposing as a way to assist in paying the remaining $3.6 million dollars to build the Airport Barnhart Road. I attended both of the open meetings at which time an informed group of individuals did a fantastic job of explaining the program that was being proposed. After I heard Bob Reese tell us the schools had lost 500 students during the past ten years, and after I walked up and down Main Street, there was no question in my mind but that we are a dying community. I cannot believe that any of us would want to pass up this opportunity to attempt to bring more life to our city of Pendleton.

One item pointed out to all of us who attended the meetings was that the records showed when the gas tax was used to build our overpass several years ago, 40 percent of the taxes collected were paid by outside sources coming into Pendleton to fuel up. Why not again let others, who do not live in Pendleton, pay 40 percent of the cost?

Please join me in support of the gas tax in paying for the Airport Barnhart Road.

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