My ancestors came over the Oregon Trail 160 years ago, and I too am a native Umatilla County resident. We do not want our beautiful Blue Mountain vista torn up with this so-called (green) wind energy. Our congressmen need to take time to think this out - such as the energy that goes to other states and the taxes it costs each one of us. This is a beautiful view for which people move here. Think of the damages to water through erosion, fish and wildlife disruption and on and on.

Consider this: Oregon State currently reimburses wind farm companies for 50 percent of their total expenses over five years (up to $20 million per project). The companies receive 1.9 cents per kilowatt produced from the federal government, among other tax benefits and loan guarantees. This is taxpayer money paying for the wind generation company's profit. Currently there are five projects pending in Umatilla County alone. This potentially will be $130 million dollars of your taxpayer money this year alone going toward wind company profits and taking away from your school districts and other government entities. This is Oregon taxpayer money used for developing power to go out of state and money to other countries.

The Blue Mountains are Eastern Oregon's livelihood and our landmark. Don't allow this to be taken away from us with a jungle of steel. Please attend the June 25 Umatilla County Planning Commission meeting in Pendleton. Get informed and voice your opinion. Study all the facts.

Arla June Ruthven


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