I will try again. As I was getting out of my vehicle at The Main Street Market, I observed a young lad trying to cross Main Street (Highway395) - with no luck. Drivers were just not stopping for a pedestrian. I walked to the crosswalk and stepped out into the road to get drivers' attention so they would stop for a pedestrian. They finally slowed to a stop and let the young lad cross to the other side of the street. I then pointed at each driver in turn to tell them how inconsiderate they were. Some looked at me as if I was nuts. I wonder who is nuts? I do know Oregon state law requires drivers must come to a complete stop and allow the pedestrian to cross the street and wait until the pedestrian gets to the other side of the street. It sounds a little harsh. But who is in such a hurry that they cannot show a little consideration for someone else? I am not a hero or anything, but I don't want be the one who is the cause of another person's injury or maybe even death. People, let's slow down and consider someone else.

It seems everyone kept going out of town, meaning our wonderful Stanfield residents are not at fault here.

It seems we need another crosswalk/speed check on Main Street.

Jerry Curl


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