Regarding the letter: "Wind turbine ban isn't a solution."

This letter is way off base from the truth as it applies to the Blue Mountain Alliance Group efforts and goals. It was a surprise to read a letter where the writter was so uninformed about the efforts of the group trying to protect the viewshed that generations of families have enjoyed. It is apparent the writer never took the time to come to any number of public meetings. Nor has the writer answered the same questions raised about solar, nuclear or hydro power. We have been asking the same questions and getting no answers from our state or federal governments but when it comes to spend millions of our tax dollars on an energy that has a life span of maybe 20 years, you have to wonder about the insight and wisdom of our state and federal government.

Oh yes, we believe wind "may" be part of the short term solution, but at what cost - and I do not exclude our environment.

Yes, come to the meeting on June 25 and get informed. When you see the whole picture, speak your own informed words of opinion. That is what our Constitution grants each of us.

But get informed first. Lip service does little to solve any problems.

Norm Kralman

Weston Mountain

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