I wanted to let you know how impressed we were a few weeks ago when we traveled through your city. We live on Vancouver Island and were heading home from a trip south. We had had these wonderful donuts the last time we passed through, and after a few wrong turns, we found them again. These are the best donuts on the planet, and are found at "Up With Donuts." This place is located close to downtown between the one-way streets.

After purchasing some donuts, we were then wandering around downtown looking for an espresso coffee to go with them. A lady doing some painting asked us if we were lost, and when she heard we were looking for coffee, she directed us to Hamley's, another wonderful place. Not only did they have great espresso, they also sell fresh "Up with Donuts" donuts there as well. The woman there picks them up fresh on her way to work at Hamley's. She also told us that the donut place has been there for years, and she remembers going there with her grandfather. She said it used to be called "Up Your Donut," but the name had been changed recently.

All in all, a great morning in Pendleton. Hint: the apple raisin ones are the best.

Susan and Alan Lanyon

Merville, B.C., Canada

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