It is disturbing to watch our country turn away from its founding principles of individual liberty and freedom from government oppression. It is startling to abruptly notice how close we suddenly are to a socialist state. For years, while Americans were looking elsewhere, the United States government has been slowly increasing its control over the lives of private citizens. Unfortunately, here in 2009,President Obama's ideology dictates a radical acceleration of that insidious slide into socialism.

What exactly is wrong with more government control? 1) In terms of practicality: government is by its very nature: ineffective, inefficient, and even corrupt; 2) In terms of personal freedom: the more you let government "do for you", the fewer choices you yourself are free to make; 3) In terms of personal wealth: the bigger government gets, the more taxes you will have to pay. This, of course, means fewer dollars in your pocket to make the spending decisions you wish to make; and 4) In terms of national wealth: it simply costs too much money for the government to try take over private sector functions.

If you take these four basic flaws of socialism into account, the idea that Obama's health care bill may become law soon is downright frightening.

The current health insurance system needs to be improved, but a government takeover is not the answer. Everywhere it has been tried, socialized medicine has resulted in long waits for care, rationing of services and limited resources for innovation. Look at Canada and the UK for proof. Implementing ObamaCare in the U.S. would cost trillions and ruin the American economy for decades.

Sadly, the health care bill is only one example of Mr. Obama's socialist beliefs.

If we let the Obama administration go unchallenged socialism will destroy America. We should speak out now, or forever hang our heads in shame when that day comes.

Gretchen Bates


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