I wish to encourage a response to Jim Robinson's insightful exhortation to make a public stand to restore Christian principles in our nation, beginning in Pendleton. Jim notes that we have yielded prayer and Christmas and now the angels that represent the power and majesty of God have been removed from the library in Pendleton. In America we are rapidly losing our liberty and blessings from God, because we have lost the courage to stand for principles of righteousness and our Christian heritage bought with the blood and courage of our forefathers.

I encourage every citizen of Eastern Oregon to witness the live nativity of the birth, the passion, the terrible crucifixion and the victory over death and the world of the author of Christmas, Jesus Christ. This living panorama of the real meaning of Christmas is staged every Christmas at Roy Raley Park in Pendleton (this year on Sunday, Dec. 20 at 6 p.m.).

As hard as the world attempts to stamp out Christmas and Jesus Christ, his witness remains in the life of those that love him. Every child deserves the opportunity to learn the truth about author of Christmas, Jesus Christ, and our Godly Christian heritage.

Christ suffered and died to give us liberty, joy, and hope for eternal life. May the gift of Christmas staged at Roy Raley Park bless every heart this Christmas and may we all be inspired to follow Christ's example and stand up for the eternal principles that He died for. Let us begin with a proclamation to restore the Memory Tree angels at city hall. As Dick Sargent has proclaimed, "Enough is enough."

Stuart Dick


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