At long last our economic development people will not have to rummage around in the bottom of this deep canyon we call Pendleton to find a well-hidden five-acre parcel of land on which to site a new development, or to find a place to call home for an outside company that wants to build a facility here in our midst. I can recall many times during the course of my involvement with economic development in this community the thought of the phone call from hell which said, "We need 15 acres of land and we would like to have the building up and running in 90 days. Do you have a place for us?"

What a glorious feeling to know the canyon days are over. We can finally move to the top of airport hill and play on the same level playing field as all the other communities. We can compete as we have not been able to do for a long time. The days of a stagnating economy will be a thing of the past and the future of Pendleton is changed forever.

I was extremely impressed with the work, effort, foresight and involvement that have been invested into making the Airport Road connection to the Pendleton Industrial Park a reality. The meeting Wednesday night was a real showcase for the project and very well done. Can you imagine, after all these years - 400-plus acres to work with! And all it's going to cost us is a measly four cents a gallon for the next few years. I can't wait to start sending those pennies to the project and I can't wait to see that development come to fruition.

Larry O'Rourke


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