With growing reports of drug-oriented attacks in Mexico desperately trying to cross the border, are the drug lords unaware that “We the American People” are armed?

Is someone among the drug lords bent on sparking a war, at least a severe border conflict with us? Could drug lords in league with terrorists be trying to give us an incentive to “withdraw our troops from overseas to deal with an imminent terrorist threat on our home soil?” This is all speculation. However, something to think about: “They who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”

 Have we forgotten that during both world wars Mexico sided with Germany, giving safe haven and strategic materials to the enemy at our doorstep? Have we forgotten “The Zimmerman Telegram” of World War I — Germany urging Mexico to initiate its own war with us to keep us from sending our troops to Europe — a telegram intercepted by British intelligence and forwarded to us?

Not all of us have forgotten history entirely, and we hope Homeland Security hasn’t either.

Ron R. Fischer


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