It is not likely that Senator Ron Wyden's plan for health care reform will create the kind of competition needs to rein in private insurance corporations.

If you look at his response to the $700 billion appropriation to remedy the mortgage crisis, you might be led to conclude that Sen. Wyden has given up on competition. He was not particularly outspoken when the Treasury Department funneled most of that money into the genius financial institutions responsible for the problem because they were going broke.

He voted against a measure that would allow bankruptcy court judges to adjust the terms of mortgages. Presumably because that matter was better left ot banks. So far, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, two of the largest holders of mortgage have done nearly nothing to renegotiate terms with homeowners in trouble. They prefer foreclosure.

Sen. Wyden is one of the people endorsing the "too big to fail" elitism - in lock step with the Federal Reserve chairman who is supposed to be an authority on the big D depression, a man whose policies have already put more people out of their homes than Herbert Hoover's policies.

Mike McCauley


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