It is obvious that given factions are aching to pull the plug on the Fox News Channel, Rush Limbaugh and related media outlets. Evidenced by subtle, ongoing downplay and ridicule in various newspaper colums and satirizations... while ignoring the fact that these outlets are reviewed by millions each week, outscoring their liberal-oriented counterparts.

We want everyone to realize that if the plug can be pulled on Fox, Limbaugh and Mallard Fillmore, it can just as easily be pulled on CNN, MSNBC and Doonesbury.

Tyranny knows no lines, ethnic or idealogical, and turns always on its own followers when it serves its power. Fools are tools of tyranny and tyranny is only as strong as its followers. It could well be that the powers that "wanna be" ache to pull the plug because these outlets tell the people what "they" do not want the people to hear - the simple truth and common sense of the matter.

Ron R. Fischer


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