I believe this to be the first letter I’ve ever written to an editor, but the time has come. Something must be done in this town regarding the feral cats that roam free. While this may seem like a trivial thing to some (and some of those would be the root of this problem), the carefree attitude of cat owners that let their cats free has created an epidemic that I’m beyond tired of dealing with.

I’m talking about cats that climb on my cars and scratch my paint; cats that breed at odd hours of the night, their yowls of passion going on nonstop; toms that spray my cars, tarnishing wheels, and on my house (adeptly on the wooden trim on basement windows, soaking in the pungent aroma); cats that bear offspring under my front porch; and cats running loose, irritating every law-abiding, confined dog in my neighborhood.

Why, as a responsible dog breeder who pays licensing fees every year for pets that don’t leave my fenced yard, am I subject to the ilk of cat owners who cannot manage a pet, or give up on the beast entirely to roam and cause hate and discontent? Why can’t we subject these animals to the same fees and licensing as a dog, and collect the feral ones? Yes, I know the city provides a live trap — I’ve used it often. But where do we take them when caught? And why has it been delegated to my family to care for the offspring of your wandering pet?

As of 3:18 p.m., Wednesday, I have a daughter trying to keep one of them alive, while bottle feeding another three, because she can’t stand to have an animal suffer. Something, apparently a regular cat owner has no problem with.

You cat owners are a sad, sordid lot. If I had someone who enjoyed a common interest with me, but was such an irresponsible, uncaring sloth (especially with a life involved), I’d either make sure they understood and fulfilled their responsibility, or take every action to see them removed from it. If you lack the moral fiber to do so, then you’re as bad as the selfish, uncaring, narrow-minded, short-sighted fool that taints my perspective of you and your pet.



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