In fact it is much, much later than you think! According to our calendar, it tells us this is the beginning of October 2008. Actually, it is only 5769 according to the Hebrew calendar. In fact, they are even now still celebrating their New Year, called Rash Hashannah, begun on September 29. They are still going by what I like to call "Bible Time."

We Gentiles are going by a Roman calendar that did not begin until at least seven years after the resurrection of Jesus Christ (around 7 A.D.). I remember reading an article in the Reader's Digest about this some years ago. In fact, the Smithsonian also did a piece on the location of the Garden of Eden, between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers of Babylon, now called Iraq.

How little do we know! When the Bible tells us in Genesis; God made the Earth in only seven days. Of course it also tells us that one day, in God's reckoning, is really a thousand in our timing. What if it is really 5769? That tells us we are near the 6000th year. Coincidentally or not, the Bible speaks of a coming thousandth year millennium at which time God, in the person of Jesus Christ, returns to right the wrongs done to His Earth.

Before that happens we've all been given a job to do, that our forefathers called prayer. This is what one famous theologian said: "That the life we are now living is 'on the job training' for the future." This may well determine what we will be doing in the new millennium. Remember also, that God is eternal and so are we - in one place or another. Heaven or hell. So which will it be?

Elfreda Tucker


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