Regarding "Tribal Truancy Program 'Nonsense & Misused'" (printed in the Confederated Umatilla Journal):

Who are the parents? I disagree with intervention of the Tribal Court juvenile system keeping tabs on grades and attendance, for what purpose? This is another corrupt system for misuse of funding to justify how money is keeping track of the American Indian students as if they are welfare recipients.

The tribal youth are once again being used for a grant project funding program to keep budgets alive. I think it's illegal to obtain any student's records without consent or knowledge and then have it posted for public review to identify one race, and then highlight which school they are from! (Oh, come on!) It's the logic of categorizing our local tribal youth on a display case even though their names aren't listed - it's not right! I know I haven't signed a legal consent form for my student to have been part of some grant project. I think the tribal families need to step up and question the tribal juvenile program. How does one obtain a student's record? Where is the mandated legal written document that waives the right of parents and Student Privacy Act rights?

If anything, I have to go back and look at our history and stress to anyone: Read and understand something before you sign it. If anything, the Tribal juvenile program has crippled the rights of parents and negatively categorized tribal youth. We are a part of a cultural system that was ripped from our ancestors, and today we live in a system that pinpoints our every move like a herd of cattle. We need a lawyer, not a report.

Rhonda M. Scott


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