I would like to take this opportunity to once again congratulate the Hermiston School District on its ability to demonstrate their inability to manage their budget.

A few months ago, a hearing, if you can call it that, was held regarding a monetary supplement provided by the state of Oregon. I attended that meeting and was amazed at the way they intended to spend this small windfall. Although only one person agreed to the thinking of the assistant district leadership, and even though the majority was against the way the money was going to be spent, the district went against the majority. That, of course, should not surprise any of us since it seems to be a prevalent problem; the minority in all their glory really does not give a hoot what the majority wants. It's a good example of someone from the other side of the Cascades coming here and telling us how to run our lives. If it was so great on the other side of the mountain, why didn't they stay there?

Well let's get to the meat of my question: If they had a windfall and they knew that they needed to repair or rebuild three schools, why didn't they put some of this windfall money into the repair/rebuild budget?

As usual, after having their own misguided way with the extra money, they find they do not have enough to repair or rebuild without trying to burden the taxpayer with one more bond, which will require someone else to pay for their inability to see and manage a reasonable budget.

I simply want to let the rest of the people who are going to support this burden know that had the school district managed the windfall from the state of Oregon, this bond possibly would not be needed. I, for one, do not feel good about supporting a bond (don't we pay enough taxes?) for a school district that goes against its own citizens and cannot seem to manage what it already has.

Leonard H. Collin Jr.


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