I have heard some people argue that wind turbines bring certain dollar values to the county based on the taxes that are paid on the turbines. While this is true I will explain that it is not all what it is made out to be. For example, I am going to use the 38 wind turbines that were placed on Vancycle Ridge (Stateline Project) in 1999. Those 38 turbines generated $70,362 for the county in 1999. The wind turbine companies negotiated with the state that they will pay less taxes on these turbines to the county. So by year 2007 Umatilla County only received $43,092 (almost half as much as year one). This means that in 10 years Umatilla County will see nothing from these companies - except their huge 400-foot eyesores. When is the last time any of us citizens got to pay less taxes? Never. So why are these turbine companies special? Taxpayers are paying for all this in the end. The state and federal government are forcing these things at us. We need to at least set aside our scenic areas like the east side of Highway 11. Those mountains are as scenic as it gets and they need to be protected from industrial wind turbine facilities.

Dolores Stoner


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