There is currently a movement under way to ban the placement of electricity-generating wind turbines at the base of the Blue Mountains. For this movement to succeed, we are being asked to simply forget about several very important matters. Forget about the nation's increasing vulnerability in its dependence on foreign oil. Forget that the world's oil supply will at some point be gone. Forget about our need to develop a permanent, clean, sustainable, alternative energy source. Forget about the effects of continued burning of fossil fuels on global warming (real?). Forget that the vast silent majority are either indifferent to the appearance of the wind turbines, or find that their presence actually adds interest and more beauty to an already beautiful landscape. Forget all that, because a few individuals out there disagree and believe those wind turbines are ugly, and for that reason alone want them banned.

Does that sound incredibly lame? Short-sighted? Narrow minded? Selfish? I wholeheartedly agree. But bottom line, that is exactly what is being proposed and why. But there's more! In most cases, you'll see these naysayers as the same individuals who, for various reasons, oppose the development of other energy sources as well (oil drilling offshore and in ANWR, domestic coal production, nuclear power, etc.). Meanwhile, you'll see these folks continue to use generous amounts of energy themselves to support their unaltered lifestyles, while simultaneously complaining about the ever-increasing prices of energy, and wondering why nothing is being done about it. Hypocrites? You be the judge.

Get informed. Study the facts.

Read the proposal yourself at: Voice your opinion at the hearing on June 25.

And for those out there who want to ban wind power, please consider becoming part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Set an example by dramatically reducing your own energy consumption. Bring to the table some alternative solutions to our nation's energy crisis that you would actually support.

Kelly Pridgen


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