My 8-year-old grandson tried to sign up for Little League baseball during one of the early February signups in Hermiston this year. But to his disappointment he was told by the Hermiston Little League board members he could not play baseball for Hermiston with his friends because it was only a matter of convience for his parents.

Although my grandson's parents reside in Umatilla they are in the process of selling their home to move to Hermiston. Both of his parents work in Hermiston. His after-school babysitter resides in Hermiston. He currently attends school in Hermiston.

Throughout the process of trying to sign up an 8-year-old to play coach pitch baseball (that does not have All-Stars) my daughter was informed by the regional representative for the Little League Association of Redmond, Oregon, that she had faced similar situations throughout the district and that the kids were being allowed to sign up. Her advice was to have the president of the Hermiston Little League write a letter for that purpose and to give the letter to the local district representative for his approval. It would then be forwarded to her and that she would approve the letter when it crossed her desk.

I have since been told that the Hermiston Little League president did not exercise his authority in writing such a letter, but chose to pass the buck to the board's members when it was not necessary.

My question to you, the community, is when did the game of baseball for our children and grandchildren stop being about the kids learning to work together as a team and become less important the parents being in the appropriate clique based on the influence of board members who havean issue with the child's parent on a personal level?

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