It’s so nice to spend my money supporting my local East Oregonian newspaper to read about local Eastern Oregon news. I hope to read what is happening in our schools, sports, local government, community in general, and the history of our local citizens that have few years left to share their knowledge with us. There is so much to learn about our area.

I don’t read too much about what goes on in La Grande, Boardman, Umatilla, Mission or any of the other small towns in the area. I thought they are all part of Eastern Oregon? So, the East Oregonian can’t find any local news to share with the readers who support their newspaper? I get more local information from the Tri-City Herald than from the EO.

We have been contemplating whether to keep our subscription to the EO because we really do like to keep up the what’s happening, but hearing so many conservative attacks on your liberal neighbors and customers isn’t very businesslike. A newspaper should offer a balanced view of news along with news of the people.

The Nov. 17 paper made me up to upchuck for sure! Front page, and continued onto the inner pages, is an overwritten manuscript-style, not newsworthy story of the Bundy matter that happened way back when, and in our state (not his), and was not favored by the citizens in the area when they brought all their hate, anger and militia-style protest to try and prove their political point!

Why was that story, if you’re going to cover an ou-of-area story, so important to even have but not cover what we could do as a community to help the people in California who are losing everything to the fires? This is not an Eastern Oregon newspaper but seems more like an eastern conservative right-wing propaganda paper.

This paper needs a change. There is a lot of good stuff that happens in our area and I’d like to read about it. Interview school kids on issues; talk with the Native American elders and share their knowledge with everyone;, ask the churches how they work together when crisis happen; what do small towns need from the larger towns? There are so many stories out there. And there are so many positive stories outside our area to use as fill-ins from our neighbor states.

Bernie Sanderson


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