Don’t let tragedy make you numb —take positive action

There is so much tragedy in our world today. We constantly see it in the news, and cannot escape it. Worldwide, innocent people are killed on a daily basis. The events in Orlando are truly devastating. Locally, a woman was recently killed by her husband, another was stabbed when she stopped at the rest area, and the list goes on. At times I want to throw my hands in the air and give up because I feel like there is nothing I can do to stop the madness.

It is tempting to tune out all of this tragedy. Then some bad news hit me right between the eyes, so close to home. The death of an innocent baby belonging to a girl my kids had gone to school with. The young father arrested, with charges of murder. Could anything have been done to prevent it? As a society, what are we doing to counteract such tragedies?

There are local programs in place to offer support to struggling families. One such program is Pregnancy Care Services with locations in Pendleton and Hermiston. The help goes way beyond a one-time visit and a free pregnancy test. Education, encouragement, and emotional support are offered to each client.

People have the opportunity to earn maternity clothes, diapers, car seats and other baby necessities while learning parenting skills, and getting the encouragement they need to succeed in parenting (all at no cost to them). It is possible that the death of the baby could have been prevented had the young family been involved in a care program like the one Pregnancy Care Services offers.

When you hear bad news, don’t let it make you numb. Instead, may you be kicked into action. Find the local programs in your town and get involved. If there is no program, help get one started.

Sara Taylor, Pendleton PCS Director


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