How is it possible that blatant lies are passing as news today? I am tired of people spewing absolute nonsense about our representative, Greg Walden, especially when it comes to health care.

Representative Greg Walden has been active in fighting for our healthcare since he has been in office. Greg Walden has fought to protect those with pre-existing conditions. While many like to attack the AHCA, this legislation would have prohibited insurance companies from denying, not renewing, or rescinding coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Additionally, insurance companies could not exclude benefits based on a pre-existing coverage.

Another famous liberal line is that “1 in 5 people in our district would lose healthcare” — another rhetoric-induced lie. This number comes from the number of people on Medicaid. If the legislation said “we will completely eliminate Medicaid” the above statement may be an accurate statement, but completely removing Medicaid was never on the table, and was never an option. This is a blatant lie being used to create fear and confusion.

Greg Walden has fought for those with pre-existing conditions, he has passed the longest extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (no thanks to the Democrats that held up the passage of the bill), and he was the only member of the Oregon delegation to vote for CHIP on the House floor every time.

He has funded community health centers, he has opened up rural health care, and he has fought for veteran’s health care. I know this because I was an RN for almost 50 years, with over 40 years in emergency rooms. And, my husband is a Vietnam veteran who has benefited from Greg Walden’s work.

Greg Walden is working for us. Can we please get back to the truth? I am sick and tired of seeing this nonsense a daily basis.

Pam Wilcox


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