Well, it appears from what I’ve read, the Hermiston City Council is beaming with pride and city residents are exclaiming a good deal and no tax increase.

The increased fire department coverage as proposed for a ballot measure seems like a fine deal on its face. However, I personally see this as a purely despicable move. The city, knowing they have maxed out their taxing authority for more services, is coming after the rural folks for funding on another “must have” boondoggle. Again, I’m all for more fire and emergency services, but for the city to increase services on the backs of only outlying residents is shameful. This similar measure was voted down last year and now that the picture is more clear, the city is all for it. All for it, because somebody else will pay for their wishes and dreams.

The citizens of Hermiston ought to be penitent rather than joyously cheering this money grab. It seems, though, this is the general direction of the country: Give me free stuff and have other people pay for it.

Rod Triplett


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