Does anyone remember Rajneeshpuram? When the Rajneeshes were trying to take over Antelope, Oregon, they brought in busloads of people. Most were street people and undesirables. The reason they brought them in was to register to vote to take over Antelope and possibly the county. Remember how frightened the citizens of Antelope, Madras, and The Dalles were?

Well looky here, folks, the gang from Washington, D.C., has done the same thing with letting in any and all illegal folks. Same scenario, only on a grand scale. Oregon will now allow any and all people in. If one wants to lose all liberty, let ’em come.

Take the time to think about what happened and connect the consequences. Ask yourself, could this happen? It could and could not, just deliberate about it.

There have been periods of time in this country where we would not allow emigrants in this United States for years at a time — 1950 through 1962, so that the previous emigrants had a time to assimilate. The people that come in now form their own section of their homeland and don’t want to assimilate.

This is not an absolute statement, it is the majority of individuals. We are losing our county one step at a time thanks to the lords and dukes of Washington.

Roesch Kishpaugh


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