One hundred and fifty years ago, President Abraham Lincoln warned a nation on the edge of civil war, “A nation divided against itself can not stand.” Lincoln referenced Jesus in Matthew, who also warned every kingdom divided against itself will be brought to desolation.

The very foundation of America is under a full fledged frontal assault, including our Founding Fathers, our Constitution, our separation of powers, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and now our border sovereignty. Our duly elected president is attacked and maligned mercilessly by the national press, the media, Hollywood, and the global left both Democrat and establishment Republicans. Our nation, the great bastion of freedom for the whole world, is virtually impotent because our Congress can not function or pass legislation, our president and any who assist his administration are hounded mercilessly by the press, and the power of our government (DOJ, FBI, Special Counsel Mueller, IRS) has been fraudulently weaponized to destroy a president and a nation that elected him.

It matters not whether you love or hate President Trump because this assault will inevitably lead to the desolation of our liberty, our freedom and our way of life. Despite this incessant attack against our president, the left has failed miserably to win the soul of those that support his pro-God, pro-America agenda. In the process the national liberal press has lost all credibility. 

Our borders are being infiltrated with terrorists, gang members, drugs, and illegal immigrants with the full support of the Democrat-controlled press and media. Our currency boldly declares "In God We Trust” yet the mere mention of the God of our fathers has been erased from our schools, our universities, our government, and our courts.

As a frequent critic of the East Oregonian editors, I applaud their recent effort to report news forthrightly. I exhort my American brethren to trust in our lord Jesus Christ and stand without compromise for our God and our country.

Stuart Dick


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