Not too long ago The Donald, on national television, assured democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and 
Nancy Pelosi, and the country, that he will take responsibility for a government shutdown, if it occurs.

And despite claiming that he has an amazing memory, The Donald quickly and conveniently forgot, 
stating later that he blames the Democrats for his shutdown.

It was laughable when The Donald stated, again on national media, that he can "relate" to the 
financial hardship of the laid-off and furloughed federal employees who must go without paychecks
 because of his shutdown. 

The Donald manufactured the so-called "crisis" on our southern border to "justify" his demand for 
$5.7 billion of taxpayer funds for his "beautiful," and racist, wall. Actually, the "crisis" exists only in his 
imagination. Throughout his presidential campaign rallies, The Donald's call to arms for the faithful was
 that Mexico will pay for his wall. What happened to this insistent claim?

It is a moral crime that 800,000 federal employees, and many more federal contractors, must endure
 serious financial hardship just because of Trump's bigotry. It is outrageous that many must turn to food
 banks, use up their life savings, etc., just to try to make ends meet for their families. Many are on the
verge of losing their family homes that they worked hard for.

To add insult to injury, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross questions why these employees must turn 
to food banks, and Trump's daughter-in-law tut-tuts and downplays the financial ordeal of these 
employees. This clearly demonstrates that Trump's inner circle is out of touch, and cannot empathize 
with average Americans. Worst of all are the phony acts of "compassion" displayed by these super-rich 

Genuine terrorists are now working on electronic systems that will bring down airliners. So, how will 
Trump's wall prevent this? Building walls to keep people out lost its practicality with The Great Wall of

The Donald put himself in a boxed-in corner of his own making because of his insistence that his wall
 be built. A current national poll found that 71 percent of Americans do not believe the wall is a valid and 
legitimate reason for the government shutdown.

The Donald's disapproval rating went up just since December 2018. It is this rising
 disapproval rating that will get The Donald's attention, and he will be forced to re-open the government, without his wall.

Bob Shippentower


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