To the community:

For the past 17 years, it has been my honor and privilege to lead Eastern
 Oregon Mission and its two outreaches, Agape House and Martha’s House.
 It is now time for me to turn over the reins and begin a new adventure.

As I reflect on the past years, I cannot help but see God’s hand in all that
 has been accomplished. These accomplishments are not mine but His,
 and would not have happened if you, our supporters, had not provided 
prayers, vision, and funding.

I want to give a brief recap of the major highlights of what God and this
 community have accomplished during my tenure here. At my first board 
meeting, I was presented with a challenge: Bring to reality the vision of the board for a new facility. After three years of planning and fundraising,
 Agape House moved into its current home at 500 Harper Road. With the
 new building, Agape House was able to expand services to those in need in
 our community. Also during this time, Agape House partnered with Blue
 Mountain Community College to open and operate a thrift store. We
 expanded our Harper Road location with the purchase of two additional
 acres to provide space for current and future programs. Seven years ago, 
with the encouragement of the late mayor Bob Severson, our board developed Martha’s House, a homeless family transitional program.

These are your accomplishments. I was only the catalyst. A very special
 thank you here goes to my wife Jodene, who is a prayer warrior, confidante
 and encourager.

So what is your role in the future of Eastern Oregon Mission? First and
 foremost, your prayers are needed to ensure the organization continues to 
look to God for direction. Pray specifically that God provides a new
 executive director. Second, your financial support is needed to allow
 Eastern Oregon Mission to continue to provide services to our community.

So what is up for Dave and Jodene? I had a plan to enjoy retirement here
 in the Hermiston area, but God had a different plan. The one major lesson I
 learned during my time here is to follow God’s leading. We will be moving 
to Arizona and beginning a new journey.

In closing I would like to personally thank each and everyone who has
 supported Eastern Oregon Mission during my time here. So please join me 
on October 12 from 2 to 5 p.m. at First Christian Church’s fellowship hall 
and allow me to thank you in person. Cake and punch will be provided.

Dave Hughes


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