We drove through Pendleton via Interstate 84 on July 21, 2019. We were in the right-hand lane going 70 mph. A pickup truck in the left-hand lane passed us, going at least 80 mph. When that vehicle was 50-75 feet ahead of us, the unsecured gas grill in the bed of the pickup flew up into the air and into the path of our vehicle.

Sheer luck allowed me to be able to swerve and brake to avoid the path it was on, and the hundreds of pieces it broke into. Had we been directly behind, or if it had flown out two seconds sooner, that grill would have smashed into our windshield.

Please, people that could have killed us, do not drive with an unsecured load, no matter how heavy you think it is, or how unlikely it would be to fly away. Your irresponsibility could have killed us.

Nancy Freitag


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